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Anxiety. Depression. Unstable relationships. Addiction.

Your clients are stuck in an endless cycle without any solution. These behavior issues are easily treatable when you have the right tools to develop emotional awareness and control, but the power of mindfulness can help build the foundation they need. 

This groundbreaking online course is backed by decades of neuroplasticity-based research to assess and treat all ages – improving a wide range of issues from delinquency in school to unstable relationships in adulthood.

Permanently transform your work with clients going through anxiety, depression, addiction, and social disruptions by recognizing and treating developmental delays in the brain that lead to these behavioral issues. Use the power of neuroplasticity through mindfulness-based methods - including meditation and non-meditation techniques – to help patients heal from past traumas, break cycles of anxiety and addiction, and develop emotional stability.

Imagine helping your clients balance behavior, gain a sense of control over their emotions and actions with awareness and proper communication, and build resilience to last long after your sessions!


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Build your practice... and more emotionally stable patients

In this comprehensive online course we've combined some of the leading emotional regulation strategies and techniques to help you treat issues that stop your clients from growth. 
Dive into the complicated emotions that affect the behavior, relationships and overall health of your client, and understand how awareness of these emotions and the reactions create a domino effect in your clients lives. Discover how you can intervene in this process and develop a healthy awareness in your clients to improve their emotional intelligence - effectively changing the conversation with themselves, and their negative behavior. 
Through engaging in-session techniques, you'll learn therapeutic interventions and easy-to-use approaches to common issues in client behavior. Learn methods and simple exercises to help your client regulate emotions that contribute to anxiety, addiction, revisiting traumatic situations, and continuing the crippling cycle that leads to stagnant, damaging behavior. 







Emotional Regulation








Emotional Intelligence




Here's What You Will Get:


Calming the Brain through Mindfulness:
Rewire Emotions with the Power of Neuroplasticity

Harness the power of neuroplasticity with clients of all ages - by guiding them through moment-to-moment resilience and non-reactivity techniques, leading to a greater emotional intelligence.

Taught by Mark Beischel, EdD
Dr. Beischel will give you:
  • Research about mindfulness practices, relaxation responses and brain development.
  • Anxiety's effect on children and young adults. 
  • Application of mindfulness-based skills in therapy.
  • Benefits of mindfulness in anxiety, depression, addiction, or emotional regulation disorders. 
  • Mindfulness-based solutions for school failure, delinquency, poor job performance, unstable relationships etc. 


Emotionally Intelligent Psychotherapy:
Integrating Power, Love, & Mindfulness


Help your clients thrive in their life and relationships by using strategies to navigate the three dimensions of human interaction:


Power, Love and Mindfulness.

Apply the Interpersonal Triangle and the 3-step process called, "Working the Triangle" to help your client develop emotional intelligence, while improving your own understanding of your clients, and the change they experience. Plus, the effect of your unconscious emotions when they're transferred to a patient during session - also known as countertransference. 

Taught by Sam Alibrando, PhD



Dr. Alibrando will give you:
  • Strategies to manage countertransference in your therapy - and warning signs to look for. 
  • Insight to how clients "protect" themselves - as we often do as human beings.
  • Practical tools to create a dynamic balance of power, love and mindfulness for you and your client -  called Working the Triangle - to develop emotional intelligence.
  • A roadmap to work through impasses with challenging clients. 
  • Methods to implement Interpersonal Triangle reenactments during a session, that help clients successfully navigate the world. 

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Attachment and Emotional Regulation


Learn crucial issues relating to the neurobiological and cognitive bases of emotional regulation; how regulatory strategies are developed and used across the lifespan; social-psychological approaches; individual dissimilarities in emotion regulation tendencies; and implications for psychopathology, health, and clinical interventions.

Taught by Mark Beischel, EdD


Dr. Beischel will give you:

  • Research on brain development of insecurely-attached children - resulting in behavior issues like anger and rage at home and at school.
  • Strategies to promote emotional control throughout your client's life.  
  • Methods to recognize risk factors for insecure attachment and lack of emotional control. 
  • Positive trust-building intervention strategies.
  • Scenarios of how family socialization and parenting can be protective or debilitating. 

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Help clients develop awareness, emotional control and resilience!

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Earn Up to 19 hours of CE - included in the price!




"I have been in the mental health field for over 25 years and have worked with virtually every population there is. I have attended hundreds of conferences and seminars and this is one of the best I have ever been to."

Deborah Lonergan, Psychologist


Limited Time Bonuses!


Shame, Secrecy, and Addiction: Revealing the Identity of Shame and Discovering the Path to Recovery

with Clare Steffen, EdD, ND, NCC, CMH, CNHP, BCC, CADC II, ICADC

Help your clients understand the difference between shame and guilt as a first step to recovery.
The methods learned in this course can help unravel negative patterns and provide a clear model to treat distorted thoughts and feelings brought on by shame.

Successfully move your clients from destructive patterns - such as self-medication, substance misuse, or addiction - to a balanced way of life.  


The Power of Forgiveness: Helping People Heal
with Pete Bliss, Th.D., D.Min. 


Provide a constructive method to help your clients forgive, and move forward during recovery.

These methods will help you understand the benefits and challenges with forgiveness, and provide innovative techniques to help your client heal. 

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Meet Your Instructors

  Mark Beischel, EdD

A licensed psychologist, professor, speaker, and author with over 40 years of experience working with children and adults in a variety of clinical settings. Although technically “retired” from his post as Professor of Psychology in the Schools of Education and Professional Studies at Peru State College, he continues to teach brain-based graduate courses there as an adjunct professor. Over the years, he has also provided clinical services in the Nebraska State Penitentiary, psychiatric hospitals, and private practice. Dr. Beischel has presented at numerous national and international conferences, and authored multiple books as well as articles in the Journal of Counseling and Development, the American Personnel and Guidance Journal, and Teaching of Psychology.


   Sam Alibrando, PhD

A Clinical Psychologist with nearly 35 years of experience, he specializes in intensive depth therapy (based on Object-Relations, Relational-Psychoanalytic, Systems Theory, Neurobiology, and CBT) for individuals, addiction therapy, couple therapy, parenting consultations, divorce recovery, and business-work coaching. Dr. Alibrando received his Bachelor's degree from Rutgers University, and his Doctorate from the Rosemead School of Psychology. He served as President of the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association and liaison in government affairs to the California Psychological Association. He served as Director of the Relationship Counseling Clinic and the Fuller Psychological & Family Services, two training and services organizations, and has been an Adjunct Professor at Fuller's Graduate School of Psychology. Currently he is an assistant professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology-Los Angeles campus where he teaches Executive Coaching. He is also a member of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards committee of the California Psychological Association. Dr. Alibrando is a respected workshop facilitator and speaker, author of Follow the Yellow Brick Road: How to Change for the Better When Life Gives You Its Worst, and has an upcoming book, Kilter: Where Power, Love and Mindfulness Meet. These books are the culmination of many years of work on how people change and the introduction of the Interpersonal Triangle. 



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Valued at $649.98 – Today Only $399.99!

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Earn Up to 19 hours of CE - included in the price