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Emotional Manipulation and Relationships:
Help Clients Handle Drama, Solve People Problems and Heal with Dr. Alan Godwin

Years of manipulation can make your clients feel exhausted, sick and crazy.

Let's give them their power back.

In my course I'll walk you step-by-step through strategies to help your client, as the manipulated party - resolve conflict, avoid drama participation, and heal from exhausting emotional conflict with a manipulator. The strategies I developed after 25 years of working with clients suffering in manipulative relationships will help you pinpoint the issue, and immediately recognize and counter manipulation, while setting healthy boundaries in a toxic relationship. 

You'll take away a must-do list for your client, strategies to determine accuracy of a manipulation claim, techniques to help your client recover, and much more. This course will give you the confidence you need to help both the manipulated and the manipulator if the situation calls for it, which is why you'll learn manipulator deficiencies and behavior.

Learn everything you need to help your client deal with drama and build healthier relationships, plus you will get a better way to describe these clinical issues in vocabulary that your client understands and can use in their daily life. 


See you in the course,

Dr. Alan Godwin


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What's Included:

  • A video course - Inside the Manipulator's Mind: The Insider's Guide to Ending Emotional Exploitation - where you will get 6+ CE hours, depending on your board, and can be watched at your own pace.
  • BONUS - 3 eBooks written by Dr. Alan Godwin, called 10 Tips for Managing Holiday Family Drama, Marriage Myths: 10 Things That Sound True About Marriage But Aren’t, and Tired of the Drama: Handling People Who Won’t Be Reasonable, which will be available for you to download instantly after purchase.
  • BONUS COURSE- Therapy Boot Camp: Brief, Action-Oriented Treatment of Couples & Families with Robert Taibbi, LCSW. Watch at your own discretion and gain 2+ CE hours depending on your board. 
  • Take the test when you want, and chat with hundreds of your colleagues via the online message boards. 
  • The course and bonuses are yours to download and keep forever!



What your manipulated clients are saying:

  • Piece of work… Control freak… Drama queen…
    Crazy… Psycho… Wacko…Ego-centric… Manipulative… Irritating...“He needs help...”“She drives me crazy…”“I can never just relax and be myself around him…”“When she gets into a fight, she shows her true colors…”


.... And why they feel this way:

Relationships require the individuals involved to engage in healthy communication and problem solving. This leads to restored warmth, closeness and bringing out the best in each other, but that's not the case with manipulators.

Reasoning abilities are a must-have for clients that want to solve conflict, but most manipulators lack these skills.

Help your clients understand how this lack of skills affects the relationship, starts drama and impacts their lives.

Today Only $199.99


What You'll Learn:

Inside the Manipulator's Mind:
The Insider's Guide to Ending Emotional Exploitation

with Dr. Alan Godwin

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This 6-hour video will give you strategies to help your client immediately recognize and counter manipulation.

Learn life-changing techniques including: 

  • How to identify manipulators, including characteristics and common perceptions.
  • Relationship interaction differences and repercussions with good and bad conflict.
  • Manipulator deficiencies, reasoning alternative, drama-enticing methods, drama participation impact and their response to drama non-participation.
  • A vulnerability and must-do list for the manipulated – your client.
  • How you will help your client – including determining accuracy of a manipulation claim, teaching counterintuitive actions and encouraging support.
  • How to help your client recover, resulting in an improved mood, restored sanity and increased energy.
  • How to help clients deal with a controlling boss or spouse, a dependent person or a rescuer using case examples
  • Boundaries to set up growth, containment or protection from the manipulator.



Bonus Content

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Therapy Boot Camp: Brief, Action-Oriented Treatment of Couples & Families 

with Robert Taibbi, LCSW 

Quickly set goals to shape the first session, build rapport, assess, and develop treatment maps for common couple and family problems. Robert Taibbi, LCSW will walk you through the opening sessions, tell you what should and should not do. Receive a model to build on, and feel challenged and creative if you're new or experienced in couples therapy. 

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10 Tips for Managing Holiday Family Drama

Holidays often bring joy and laughter for family, but sometimes the drama is suffocating. Dr. Alan Godwin offers 10 tips to quell the drama-induced urge to fight back during the holiday get-togethers.


Marriage Myths: 10 Things That Sound True About Marriage But Aren’t

As a therapist, you may deal with marriage disputes and misconceptions of relationships, but often these myths are wrong. Dr. Alan Godwin challenges and debunks ten myths we believe about marriage for you to share with your clients and help them move forward.


Tired of the Drama: Handling People Who Won’t Be Reasonable

From guilt trips to gaslighting, emotional manipulation takes many forms. Discover effective strategies you can use immediately to recognize and counter manipulation in any setting while establishing healthy relational boundaries with Dr. Alan Godwin.



Today Only $199.99


Meet Dr. Alan Godwin



Alan Godwin, PsyD, has dedicated himself to helping individuals, couples, churches, and businesses develop better ways of handling conflict over the last 25 years as a licensed psychologist.


Private practice owner for over 25 years.

Adjunct faculty of Graduate Counseling Department of Trevecca University in Nashville, Tennessee, teaching a class for doctoral students entitled "Psychodynamic Psychotherapies."

Taught undergraduates and guest lectured in the Marriage and Family department. 

Penned a regular quarterly feature entitled "Ask Dr. Alan" for Deacon magazine.

Served as a People and Relationships expert on

A guest on numerous radio and television programs across the U.S. and Canada. 


Published works include:  

How to Solve People Problems: Dealing with Your Difficult Relationships 
10 Tips for Managing Holiday Family Drama
Marriage Myths: 10 Things That Sound True About Marriage But Aren't
Tired of the Drama: Handling People Who Won't Be Reasonable


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Emotional Manipulation and Relationships

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