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Do you treat children with anger, impulse control, anxiety and other debilitating behaviors - but feel like the tools you have aren't reaching them?

Session after session without progress makes your client fall further into their spiraling behavior - outbursts, tantrums, low self-esteem, unnecessary stress - which affect them well into their adult life.

And leaves you without any results to show for time spent.

Often therapy techniques used for adults don't work for the younger generations, and you need tools that meet your client on their level. Use techniques that are fun for your client and help you and their families see a change in their child when you incorporate play therapy into your session. Play Therapy Interventions for Child and Adolescent Behavior is our exclusive online course, taught by Paul White, LCSW, and based on the over 40 years of experience.

Gain over two dozen strategies and inexpensive tools to take your client from a victim of their circumstance to a well-adjusted child - give them skills to cope that last into adulthood.

Turn therapy sessions into the key to success for your clients.

See you in the course.



Play Therapy Interventions for Child and Adolescent Behavior


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"What do I say after hello?”


The day the parents come to you and the first day with the child set up the future relationship between you and your client.

Do you know what to do from that moment on? 

This course provides everything you need, from the questions you can ask to the techniques that help move that child through healing. Invest in your practice and gain over two dozen techniques to use the same day.


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Play Therapy and Beyond

Treatment Techniques and Strategies
with Children and Pre-Adolescents


Adolescents are facing more severe diagnoses at an
earlier age, 
and they barely have any coping tools to deal with them.


This video course provides effective treatment strategies to reduce a child's fear of counseling, and provide the most effective means to changing each client's life - no matter what phase the child is in.


Effective Play Therapy Strategies
Treat aggression, enhance self-esteem, reduce the effects of depression and more. Techniques in this video have helped thousands of children for almost four decades. 
Over Two Dozen Techniques
You can use these immediately with adolescents facing reactive attachment disorder, sex abuse, mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and much more. 






Taught by Paul White, LCSW


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Understanding and Treating Anger and Aggression in Children and Adolescents

Anger in children often causes significant problems at home, school or community, eventually leading to debilitating behavior as an adult. 
Understand the risk-factors of reactive aggression and its development through an evidence-based roadmap. 
The strategies learned in this 1-hour video will give you adequate tools to treat your young clients using a cognitive-behavioral framework, and session-by-session model of treatment. 

Taught by Jim Larson, PhD
An internationally recognized presenter, multi-award winner, professor, and clinical practitioner for over 30 years.
Author of Think First: Addressing Aggressive Behavior in Secondary Schools and
co-author of Helping School Children Cope with Anger: A Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention. 

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Exploring Dimensional Approaches in Play Therapy

Young clients face varying issues that bring them to therapy, and there's no one-size-fits-all strategy.
This 1-hour video explores multiple approaches in play therapy, including Directive, Non-Directive, Filial, Group Play Therapy, Family Play Therapy, Theraplay, and Child-Parent Relationship Therapy. Gain a unique understanding of each type and decision tree guidelines to develop the best approach for your clients. 
Taught by Erin Dugan, PhD, LPC-S, NCC, RPT-S
A leader in the field of play therapy, and internationally recognized presenter.
Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation Counseling, Interim Head of the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, Interim Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs at Louisiana State University. 

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Play Therapists

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying:



Some of the very best hours I've ever spent in seminars in over 25 years of working with children.

- Susan Lee Bartram



Paul has an engaging style. He showed us how to help our students in many new ways. 
- Charlie Easterly



The best seminar I have attended, not only due to it being a topic of interest, but because the instructor's passion to teach the most effective and necessary tools to becoming proficient in her subject matter. Wonderful!

- Diana Goodall



I have years of experience and training in play therapy. Mr White made the training powerful, informative and invigorating. He improved my perspective and further my skills and understanding. Well done!

- Jennifer Lasker



This guy has "magic".

He was engaging, enthusiastic, funny, charismatic, well-informed and held my interest and attention the entire seminar. It was a pleasure to be trained by someone who obviously loves their work and the subject.

- Jess Preciphs


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Paul White, LCSW
Paul White is an internationally recognized therapist, consultant, author, and licensed clinical social worker with over 34 years of experience counseling children. 
He worked as a front-line Case Worker, direct service counselor, and supervised five teams of VISTA Volunteers on three southwest Native American reservations. Almost four decades in the field working with children allowed him to develop numerous unique aids and techniques that assisted him in teaching children to cope with stress, express feelings, and solve problems. 
He is the author of Sebastian and the Anger Dial and CLAYtherapy: A Manual of Therapeutic Applications of Clay with Children. In June 2004, he presented a paper on CLAYtherapy to the World Congress of Child Play Therapy and Child Psychotherapy in London, England.



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