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Do you work with self-injury children or teens, and wonder, “Can I help them cope?” 

Renowned NSSI expert Dr. Tony Sheppard knows how healthy self-esteem and adolescent relationships are formed – and restored. 

Based on years of group therapy and his clinical practice called Groupworks, Dr. Sheppard has developed 11 essentials for self-harm recovery. He provides a practical guide for risk assessment and management of self-injury, including multi-functional interventions for the range of different cases you see in your office in this online course. 

Feel confident in your ability to match interventions to individuals, while facing potential drawbacks in treatment and legal/ethical issues. 



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Building your practice, and stronger coping skills for young patients.

This comprehensive online course gives you a unique ability to treat non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) clients, and the underlying conditions causing them to self-harm. 

Mental health is one of the most important parts of an adolescent’s life, especially in the early years – from school to relationship building. Learn the 5 essential questions every therapist should ask during assessment, 4 things clinicians should never do, and 6 key components of therapeutic intervention as you work through the various video sessions included in this online guide. 
Discover risk assessments, multi-systemic approaches, various forms of therapy, safety contract pros and cons, healthy replacement behaviors, and essential legal/ethical considerations.
When you sign up for this online course, you get everything you need to help your self-injury clients, without spending hours searching for courses that treat specific conditions or cover various treatment options. Everything you need is here...


11 Essentials for Self-Harm Recovery:

Helping Children & Teens Reclaim Their Lives

with Tony Sheppard, PsyD, CGP, FAGPA​


The reasons for self-harm are endless...To have control...To feel something...As self-punishment...Because it feels good... but activating someone's positive feelings can help quell those feelings that lead to self-injury behaviors. 

This 6-hour video session guides you through a multi-systemic approach to assess and treat non-suicidal self-injury. 

Learn how to manage multiple self-harm behaviors, develop self-care plans specific to the child or group, and use multiple treatment options depending on the case in question. Look at the underlying motivations behind self-harm, and help your client create healthy replacement behaviors. 

Answer questions such as:

How does non-suicidal self-injury differ from suicide?

 Do I have to report it? 

What do I tell parents? 

 What is the role of the school?

Does social media hurt or help? 

 Is hospitalization required for kids with NSSI to improve?  

Gain guidelines for patients, parents and peers, along with effective coping strategies, online tools, and off-the-wall coping strategies. 

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Special Bonuses for Action-Takers
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A special 1-hour video session that distinguishes bullying from usual peer conflicts, while discussing interventions for victims and aggressors. Discover viable methods for reducing abusive behavior, and assisting victims in healing. 

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Motivational Interviewing for Non-Suicidal Self-Injurious Children and Adolescents with David Kamen, PhD

David Kamen demonstrates a new approach to non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), viewing it as an obsessive-compulsive and addiction problem. Discover how children and adolescents respond to motivational interviewing tactics, and the transtheorectical model of change techniques that treat NSSI, and incorporate them into your practice in this 1-hour video. 

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Looks Can Kill: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder with Scott Granet, LCSW

This 1-hour video provides innovative strategies to treat BDD by understanding the best way to diagnose each case. Gain a better understanding of the proper medications and the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy focused on this topic. 

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Increasing Competence, Worthiness, & Self-Esteem: Feeling Good by Doing Good with Chris Mruk, PhD

Create healthy self-esteem in your clients by incorporating strategies like positive psychology and Competence and Worthiness Training in this 2-hour video session. Understanding the different types of self-esteem can help you provide a well-rounded approach to each client that comes into your office. 

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Fostering Connection: Group Work with Adolescents with Pamela Malone, PhD, LCSW

Learn how group therapy can treat common issues in adolescents, including grief, loss, addiction, depression, anxiety, bullying, sexuality, and health problems. 

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Enrollment Ends Soon - Valued at $459.99

Today Only $349.99

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Earn Up to 13 CE HOURS – Included in the price!

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Seeking release without healthy coping mechanisms lead to dangerous paths. 

Get your client on the right path today...



Meet Your Instructor


Tony L. Sheppard, PsyD, CGP, FAGPA​​

Dr. Tony Sheppard is a licensed clinical psychologist with a background that spans community mental health, residential, inpatient, and private practice settings with children, youth, and adults. He is the founder and director of Groupworks, a psychology practice in Louisville, KY specializing in group therapy with children, adolescents, and their families. The Groupworks teen program treats youth with emotional problems, frequently including NSSI, and Dr. Sheppard has led a number of workshops on NSSI for psychologists, case managers, educators, and nursing staff. He completed his graduate training in the School of Professional Psychology at Spalding University in Louisville.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Sheppard teaches group psychotherapy for the program, and Groupworks serves as a training site for advanced doctoral students.



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Enrollment Ends Soon - Valued at $459.99

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Earn Up to 13 CE HOURS – Included in the price!