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Dive into this intensive Certificate Course for Ethics & Cultural Competency


You can lose your professional license if you aren’t clear on the current ethical boundaries – but are you confident you know what’s appropriate and what isn’t based on current standards?

Explore the dangers taking sessions outside the sanctioned therapeutic environment, ignoring personal feelings and not addressing issues that arise during sessions with clients, gift-giving, self-disclosure, social networking, communication differences, conflicting cultural values and much more. Feel confident that you’re taking every action available to stay within the guidelines of your profession, so you can continue doing what you do best – helping people.


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"Really appreciated the end where she addresses therapist burnout and how to handle it. Most workshops and education tend to leave this extremely important topic out. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to do this particular workshop and the presenter was very educated in this area, which made it extremely easy to follow."

- Elisabeth Lynch, Counselor



Take a look at what you'll learn in this course:
Ethics & Reporting
How do I know when and what to report? Discover what ethical situations require interventions beyond your therapy session. 
Boundaries, Violations & Culture
Know the ethics of gift-giving, taking sessions outside sanctioned therapeutic environments, encountering clients in social situations, and self-disclosure in therapy. Sometimes there's role confusion, and possible ethical issues with sub-cultures - such as forensic, military, faith-based, and bartering in rural or small communities. Know what is appropriate with the strategies you learn in this course. 
Communication Across Generations
Technology can hinder your professional reputation if you're not careful. Discover how social networks like Facebook, texting, emailing, and the use of cell phones (in therapy) can negatively affect your professional life. 


Master Cultural Differences & Controversies
Cultural views on self-image, therapeutic touch, power struggles, gender roles, sexuality, end of life situations, and religious beliefs in therapy can be a fine line to walk. Feel confident that you can treat your clients without the cultural controversies clouding your therapy process.
Plus understand how unresolved personal issues can create a problem in the ethics of transference and countertransference in therapy.  
Cover topics like: 
  • Personal values and culture.
  • Cultural communication differences.
  • Cultural humility.
  • Conflicting client cultural values and perceptions. 
  • Dual relationships and cultural considerations for in-home sessions, homeless clients, and roles (client perceptions vs. therapist role). 



Enroll now to earn up to 8 CE hours. 4 out of 8 hours can be considered cultural competency hours depending on your board. 



" I consider this is an advanced course for experienced helping professionals. It helps professionals make ethical judgments." 

- Kamse Chan, Social Worker



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Dr. Frances Patterson



Frances Patterson, PHD, LADAC, MAC, BCPC, CCJAS, QSAP, QCS, owner of Footprints Consulting Services, LLC, has worked as a clinician and program administrator in treatment programs in Virginia and Tennessee for nearly 28 years and has been a supervisor for almost 25 years.

She is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and Qualified Clinical Supervisor in Tennessee, and a board certified professional counselor and Diplomat with the American Psychotherapy Association.

Dr. Patterson is a Masters Addictions Counselor and Qualified Substance Abuse Professional through the National Association of Addictions Professionals (NAADAC), where she chairs the clinical issues committee, serves on the ethics committee, is a member of the Trainers Academy, and is an approved NAADAC trainer.

In 2005 Dr. Patterson was honored with the Lifetime Achievement award by the Tennessee Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, and in 2006 she received the Mel Schulstad award, NAADAC's national Professional of the Year award.

She has conducted professional training locally, statewide and nationally for more than 20 years on addictions, mental health and professional counseling issues to a variety of disciplines. Her affiliation with Vyne Education dates back to 2009, and she continues to be one of the company's most sought–after and respected speakers. For more information about Dr. Patterson, visit


"Great presentation. Practical advice that I took right into counseling sessions today."

- Russell Montgomery, LPN



Up to 8 CE Hours -

Today Only $239.99

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