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Can you recognize a patient who is in imminent danger of committing suicide?

How confident are you in identifying those who are vulnerable to their suicidal thoughts? 

You may not have much experience working with suicidal patients during your studies because universities fear liability – refusing patients with suicidal thoughts or a history of psychiatric hospitalization. 

In my new online course, Suicidal Breakdown: Master the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of Suicide, you will get a comprehensive evidence-based guide with a reliable set of tools to better understand suicidal patients and confidently triage those who are most vulnerable to committing suicide. I will also show you the new perspectives on suicide in the DSM-5® and the changes from prior DSMs®.

I've seen over 3,500 cases in my 30+ years, so I know how challenging it can be to bring your patients back from hopelessness. I hope you join me.

As therapists, we don't always get a second chance to save a life.

Your Partners for a Brighter Future,

Dr. Timothy Spruill MA, EdD & Vyne Education  


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Your Comprehensive Guide to Treat Suicide

You will treat someone with suicidal thoughts at one point in your career - or even someone who has attempted suicide. Feel confident you can adequately assess and treat these clients with this online course.

We created a robust set of tools in this online course to provide a complete understanding of suicide, plus several different ways to triage mental health in a crisis and choose the right tools to help your patients.

This online course also provides you with unique knowledge on how the DSM-5® has broken down many treatment barriers, and has elevated suicidal ideation to the level of a "vital sign" that should be monitored across all diagnoses. Covering these methods will allow you to identify characteristics and recognize people who are more vulnerable to suicide - not just a "depressive disorder".


What You Will Learn:


Video Session:

Disarming the Suicidal Mind: Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention

Suicide deaths have increased dramatically in recent years to nearly 40,000 Americans annually, a leap that has been attributed variously to the Great Recession, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and access to guns and prescription painkillers – but what about medical error? Thirty-nine percent of suicide completers have been seen in an ER within the past year (many for mental health complaints and self-harm), while 59% of ER patients with injuries from deliberate self-harm do not receive a psychiatric assessment. Despite these trends, graduate training in assessment of imminent self-harm is often limited, offering little practical experience in counseling labs due to intake policies designed to avoid liability.

This course offers a revealing look at the complex and rapidly expanding knowledge base concerning the epidemiology of suicide and self-harm, while exploring the most effective measures you can take to save your patients’ lives. Learn to recognize risk factors associated with suicide attempts, as well as long-term and imminent warning signs, and accurately assess self-harm and suicide risk. Discover evidence-based interventions and explore the challenges of treatment across populations, including patients with addictive behaviors. Finally, we will deconstruct the emergency mental health protocols of today and identify common thinking errors leading to diagnostic and intervention mistakes that actually worsen crisis situations.
  • Factors contributing to the failure of adequate assessment and triage
  • DSM-5 new definitions and terminology
  • Risk factors
  • Warning signs
  • Teens and children
  • Common intervention mistakes
  • Interventions and treatment planning
  • Challenges to achieving successful treatment outcomes


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Bonus Video 1 - FREE!

Choosing the Right Tool for a Mental Status Exam 

Video Course taught by Tim Webb, MAEd, LPC

Completing the Mental Status Exam (MSE) is the most important task assumed by any behavioral health clinician. Accurate evaluation can be difficult because psychiatric symptoms often mask life-threatening substance withdrawal and/or serious medical conditions including brain tumors, delirium, head injury, diabetes, thyroid disease, etc. An accurate and efficient MSE is essential to discerning the patient's true condition, developing an effective treatment plan, and, in extreme cases, saving his or her life. In this webinar, Tim Webb contrasts the strengths and weaknesses of tools that are commonly used for a MSE. Participants will receive important instructions on choosing the correct assessment tool and using it in an appropriate manner. Mr. Webb will also share tools that he has developed throughout his extensive career in emergency mental health.


Bonus Video 2 - FREE!

On Call: Triaging Mental Health Emergencies by Phone

Video Course taught by Tim Webb, MAEd, LPC

Mental health emergencies can happen at any time. At some point, most clinicians will be faced with suicidal, homicidal, psychotic, or withdrawing clients while on call. In this unique webinar, participants will learn to triage such emergencies by telephone, and in so doing will be able to provide powerful interventions and follow up.

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Marriage and Family Therapists


 Case Managers

Social Workers

Psychiatric Nurses

Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors


Mental Health Administrators



Only available at this price for a limited time!
Valued at $349.99 – Today Only $179.99 USD

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Earn Up to 10 CE HOURS – Included in the price!
(Qualifies for 7 Hours of Ethics)
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 Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Timothy Spruill, MA, EdD

Timothy Spruill, MA, EdD has conducted more than 3,500 emergency psychiatric assessments in one of Orlando's busiest emergency departments as a consultant at Florida Hospital, where he is a founding faculty member of the Emergency Medicine residency program. Through his work with high-risk patients and his passion for staying abreast of the latest research in the area of suicidology, Dr. Spruill has developed an evidence-based approach to emergency mental health that urges progress far beyond the fragile gains of traditional (and contemporary) psychological triage.

His extensive experience conducting assessments and evaluations reaches back to his work in private psychiatric hospitals in the early 1980s. Dr. Spruill earned his Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from George Mason University in 1977. After four years of teaching, he left for the applied world of a community psychiatric setting and pursued his Doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Western Michigan University. In addition to his ongoing consulting work, he returned to academia in 1991 to share his experience and extend his research capabilities. During his time with Andrews University and, subsequently, Florida Hospital, he has continued to collect data on suicide and conduct research in his chosen field of Behavioral Medicine. Since 2010, he has taught continuing education courses on the topics of suicide assessment, preventing medical errors, and violence. He has also presented his findings at numerous conferences, traveling as far as Cape Town, South Africa, to speak on suicide.



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What Your Colleagues Are Saying



Dr. Spruill's knowledge and training on suicide assessment is a "must" for anyone working in the mental health, behavioral medicine field. His presentation was excellent. When I heard him speak, not only was I inspired, but a seasoned psychologist sitting near me said it was the best presentation he had heard on the subject of medical errors in his 30 years of practice.

- Susan Kauffman, CCMHC, LMHC



I really enjoyed this training. Very methodical, thorough, wide ranging and he really held my interest to the end. Excellent!"

- Janelle M, Psychologist



I really appreciated this program and the presenter. He was engaging and informative. This was a very good use of my resources.

- Lisa C, Psychologist



Valued at $349.99 – Today Only $179.99 USD

Enroll Now
Earn Up to 10 CE HOURS – Included in the price!
(Qualifies for 7 Hours of Ethics)
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