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Learn the revolutionary 90-second technique and dozens of strategies that helped thousands of patients, family members, and practitioners change the way dementia is seen and treated.


Do you know why dementia patients demonstrate behaviors that put them at risk for falls, exhibit emotions like aggression, and tend to stop eating or speaking?

It’s because of us. 

Family, caregivers, nurses, therapists – our protocols and techniques often take away their independence, confuse them, and change their already unbalanced world. 

Creative Interventions for Dementia Rehab is my one-of-a-kind online course that provides dozens of new tricks that reduce fall risks, aggression, sexual promiscuity, vision problems, and much more that stem from the environment of your dementia patients.

Take it from me, dementia cases are more than a diagnosis. Sometimes it's hard to remember that it's a person you’re treating, not just a case. I know because not only have I treated dementia patients in a rehab setting for over 40 years, but I have lived with Dementia for 17 years.

Minor barriers - such as signs in the hallways, shoes your patient’s wear, how we talk to them, and many others - can cause them to have gait issues, stop speaking or eating, and cause them to mentally and physically decline. That's why I'm covering techniques for common impairments you may see everyday.

We can’t change everything in the world, but there are things we can do to make their world their own again.

Treat them as a person who can make decisions and find joy in dementia when you join me today. 


Lanny Butler, MS, OTR, CDP, CPAM & Vyne Education
Founder of IATB Dementia Care


Learn the techniques that revolutionized my work with Dementia patients in this online course!


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It takes 3 days to make a dementia patient helpless

Once the patient receives the diagnosis, family members take away daily activities out of love, like cooking, grocery shopping, and cleaning the house. Then in our care, they no longer make their bed, walk without help, feed themselves or go to the bathroom by themselves. This leaves the dementia patient without independence and possibly depressed. 

We cannot cure dementia yet, but we can bring people back from helplessness.

​Reshape what you think dementia is when you join my online course. You’ll learn strategies and techniques that change the daily routines of yourself and the patient by using validation, changing expectations, and allowing independence, while still following practice standards. 

If the world now isn’t working with the memory they have of the past, we must modify the environment to make it functional for them. You can learn how to give them time, slow down your tests and modify them for dementia patients with the simple tricks you learn in the video sessions included in this online course. 



Therapeutic Approaches to Dementia:
Achieving Positive Outcomes

with Lanny Butler, MS, OTR, CDP, CPAM


Stop using new learning and start relying on residual memory to help your dementia patients achieve positive outcomes.

There’s always something to grab onto in their habits and routines and make it work for them, and in this course, I'll show you how.

This video session will include techniques and intervention strategies to help you:
Figure out why your dementia patients are crawling into the wrong bed, or experiencing gait issues. 
Determine the best interventions for each patient that allow independence. 
Develop new routines in your work that promote an environment ideal for the patient, rather than the facility. 
Discover how protocols aren't actually barriers, and how you can navigate them to provide the best care possible. 
All of the things learned in this course can be billed out, but you’ll be happy because the person is independent. 

Give dementia patients their dignity back by allowing them time to remember, to react, and find joy in their abilities again.


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Earn up to 8 CE Hours – Included in the price!

BONUS Video Session

Get this free video with CE credit!


Maximizing Occupational and Physical Therapy Outcomes in Cognitively Impaired Patients
with Robert Winningham, PhD



Cognitively impaired patients are unable to make new declarative memories.

The strategies in this video session are designed to enhance attention and concentration that maximize the patient's ability to learn new skills. 


Interventions that can help overcome limitations and maximize patient outcomes.

Learn how to determine the patient's cognitive abilities. 

Customize your approaches to maximize treatment efficacy in cognitively impaired patients. 

Gain dozens of ready-to-use activities designed to enhance cognitive abilities. 


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Normally $279.99 -

Today Only $249.99

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Earn up to 8 CE Hours – Included in the price!

See What Our Attendees Are Saying



One of the most incredible learning experiences. Makes me feel so grateful to be an SLP. I can't wait to share this info with my facilities to enhance the lives of those affected by alzheimers and dementia related disorders.

Amie Cooke

​Lanny is inspirational! I worked many years ago in LTC and I hated it. I thought I'd never go back to that environment. After listening to him, I'd actually consider leaving home health to have an opportunity for continued growth to work in one of his facilities! 

Annette de Camara

I have already applied ideas from this presentation with great results. Transferred to a new facility, starting a new job using your interventions.

Karen McGee

This seminar was wonderful. I do not work in long term or acute care or the elderly however, I found the information fascinating. The strategies were practical, and it provided a better understanding about dementia. Speaker is very dynamic. He made the session enjoyable and I learned a lot. 

Nancy Connorton

I could feel speakers love for his clients as people.  I am now excited and enthusiastic to work with dementia patients. Highly recommend course for all medical professionals - including physicians.

Heather Pitman

This course was truly one of the most informative and beautifully instructed seminars I have ever been to. I work with a high population of dementia patients and this course educated me on what I can work on with my patients for better results. Upon returning to work on Monday, I wll share this with the staff    

Maxine Bhogal


Learn more about Lanny Butler, MS, OTR, CDP, CPAM

My first thought is joy when I think about the word "dementia".  

There’s nobody on earth that I’d rather work with except for dementia patients because what you see is what you get. We might not like what they have to say, but they're open and honest about what’s on their minds.


More about Lanny Butler:

  • Founder and President of IATB Dementia Care.
  • Author of "My Past Is Now My Future: A Practical Guide to Dementia Possible Care"
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of North Dakota.
  • Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Puget Sound.  
  • Over 40 years as an Occupational Therapist in a range of settings, including Maximum Security Prison to Neonatal intensive care units. 
  • Researched and developed a practical approach to caring for individuals with dementia called Dementia Possible Care©


Normally $279.99 -

Today Only $249.99

Enroll Now

Earn up to 8 CE Hours  – Included in the price!