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Learn this innovative, comprehensive screening tool for aging adults from the developer herself, Dr. Carole Lewis - identify problematic areas or deficits, address physical functional limitations, and become a change-maker in the rehab field. 

Fitness isn't just about cardiopulmonary health - especially for older adults.

Have you ever seen a person walking down the street with stooped posture who can't pull their head up? You might've wondered...

Is there anything we can do to correct that?

Are there measures that we can use and what do they actually mean?

Poor posture can make everyday life difficult - dressing, bathing, getting out of bed, falls and so much more - but it's only one of the five key areas of aging well. 

Posture. Endurance. Strength. Flexibility. Balance... All of these are equally important to the functional success of your clients and them aging well. 

I've been a physical therapist for almost 40 years, participating in award-winning work with the APTA and geriatric clients - and I love working with older clients, but I realized that a lot of the tests out there don't often give you the vital information, are limited to one area of the body, take too long to complete, and are often not a comprehensive screening - which is why we only stick to doing one or two in a session.

That's why I've created this digital training - to show you an evidenced-based screening tool, called the Moving Target Screen (MTS). The MTS gives you a multi-faceted tool to gather information about fitness levels, to allow you to prescribe an appropriate exercise program that your clients will actually want to do.

We need tests and tools that give you the best use of your time - and your patient's - with the most relevant information. That's what MTS does for you. It gives you a lot of pivotal information about posture, endurance, strength and flexibility in your clients very quickly. 

I've also given you some handouts to use in-session, MTS marketing tips and client motivation strategies that take care of resistance. 

We as rehabilitation professionals have to show the world what we can do to help people age successfully. We're the exercise experts, and if we don't start owning that expertise and knowing our responsibility, we're going to lose all credibility in our careers. 
Join me in this training and learn how today. 
Let's get started!
Your Partner in Rehab,

Dr. Carole Lewis, PT, DPT, GCS, GTC, MPA, MSG, PhD, FSOAE, FAPTA​


I would describe the course as a very useful approach to assessing older patient’s functional abilities and how to sell physical therapy/exercise as a way to stay healthy as they age. It's a very “laid back” course in that it is chatty, practical, and engaging – not one likely to make you zone out from monotone lectures. 


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Why is MTS better than others? 


When Dr. Carole Lewis did a beta test on the Moving Target Screen, someone said, "A screen should just be one test", but she thought that was selling you short because if you only did one of those standard tests, then you wouldn't pick up a multi-faceted reason why people can't function properly.

A great example was falls.

Dr. Carole Lewis said, "If you only did a one legged stand, you wouldn't get any sense of the person's gait speed, their ability to accelerate and decelerate, or turn. Another thing was that they may look great walking, but if you just use a sit stand test (or only one test), then you don't know what happens when they move their head. If you use multiple, then you've really gotten the full picture."

MTS is a fantastic multi-faceted screen for older adults to help you optimize their physical fitness levels. The tools in this course will assist you in developing a program to assist the client in achieving optimal fitness, strategies to combat resistance, and techniques to increase motivation while creating great relationships with clients. 


Add the Moving Target Screen to your toolbox today!


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What Will This Course Give Me?


“Functional Standards for Optimal Aging: The Moving Target Screen" is a limited-time offer to demonstrate how MTS can revolutionize your practice. 

Dr. Carole Lewis will give you five key areas of function for the aging population, along with ONE comprehensive assessment - the Moving Target Screen - that will give you all the information at once. 



How MTS Gives You Pivotal Information

Discover why Dr. Carole Lewis developed the Moving Target Screen. You'll discover how the five functional areas are keys to optimal fitness in clients, and see how the MTS will irrevocably change your career as a rehab professional. 



Solutions for Any Setting

Discover a concise way to assess a client's deficits to enable a customized treatment plan for maximum results. Use these assessments and interventions for a number of common deficiencies in older adult clients. 



In-Depth Moving Target Screen Case Studies 

Dive into three in-depth case studies from Dr. Carole Lewis that show you step-by-step how to implement MTS in each session, plus her completed MTS example forms so you can see how to fill them out.

These case studies give you the unique opportunity to not only learn this yourself, but see Dr. Carole Lewis in action! As you walk through each case study, you can see how to implement MTS with different types of clients, help them remember what they need to do exercise-wise, and create a great relationship with your client. 

This will also help you work with the proper wording and approach to improve patient understanding and commitment to specific and challenging exercise. These videos show you how to give feedback so they can understand if they're doing it right and help them feel good about themselves, instead of shame for not doing something prescribed, too. 



Take Home Tips, Remedies & Marketing

These real-life tips will help you remember every part of the MTS process, including which exercises to recommend for optimal aging that you can offer to your clients and easy how-to guides.

You'll also get marketing pieces tested by Dr. Carole Lewis that have shown to create great connections with other physicians, communities, and offices to make therapists the choice for coming up a comprehensive fitness program. You'll be able to easily market MTS to your neighborhood and medical community so they understand the important of using it and getting exercise. 



Motivation & Resistance Methods

Dr. Carole Lewis and her associates will walk you through the evidence-based Motivational Interviewing approach to provide the best client-therapist relationship and rehab outcomes in the video examples.

See real-life clients describe what they're looking for in a session to help them stay motived and interested.

See how clients enjoy flexibility in their exercises, how to increase self-efficacy, concrete ways to implement in their life post-rehab, how to explain the "why" and much more. 

Learn how to talk about their status in tests, how to make changes and what types of questions to ask. Plus, see how reflective listening can help your clients feel cared for and supported, especially for those who are ambivalent about making changes.



I would say... this course will not only give you objective information but inspiration and motivation to help the elderly population.


Take it! It will help you frame your expertise to the general public


Continuing Education Credits


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The course is very user-friendly and practical. Video demonstrations make it easy to understand the right way to do each assessment in the screening, with tips and debriefings to further clarify. Presenters provide ample evidence from research studies to support use of this screening tool. 
This course shows you an evidence-based screening tool used to pick up on possible impairments in the aging population that physicians may not otherwise pick up on. [It's] a tool to allow us, as clinicians, to address these impairments in order to improve the overall fitness level of the aging population and decrease the possibility of falls in this population.

A tool that will allow us to educate the public not only on the overall importance of fitness, but also the importance of doing it right in order to address all aspects of fitness.



Who Will Get the Most Out of This Program?


Physical Therapists Physical Therapist Assistants
Occupational Therapists Occupational Therapy Assistants



A great multi-dimensional course that taps into familiar, and adds some new info put into a fantastic screen tool that will help move our profession forward.


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Get These Exclusive Bonus Handouts & Worksheets - Free! 




Getting Started with MTS - FREE!

Download 3 free handouts, including:

MTS Form

MTS Instructions

MTS Implications








MTS Exercises for Optimal Aging - FREE!





Motivation & Action Bonus - FREE!

This section of bonus handouts includes:

Exercise Adherence

MTS Action Plan Contract

MTS Coping Plan Contract

MI Strategies and Tech

MTS Record Form



Marketing Guides - FREE!

Download several forms that Dr. Carole Lewis uses herself to recommend and market the Moving Target Screen to other rehab experts, the community and offices. These bonuses include: 

MTS Promo Strategies

MTS Physician Flyer

MTS Community Flyer




 Meet Your Instructor


Dr. Carole Lewis, PT, DPT, GCS, GTC, MPA, MSG, PhD, FSOAE, FAPTA is the leading rehabilitation expert in geriatric care.

APTA’s Lucy Blair Service Award

​The Section on Geriatrics’ Clinical Excellence Award

The Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy’s highest honor, the Joan Mills Award

APTA Catherine Worthington Fellow

Mary McMillan Lecture Award from the APTA, their highest honor


Carole Lewis, PT, DPT, GCS, GTC, MPA, MSG, PhD, FSOAE, FAPTA, is well known as leader and innovator in the area of rehabilitation and optimal aging. She has served as the Editor-in Chief of an award winning international journal for over 30 years and has received top honors from the American Physical Therapy Association and The Gerontological Society.

She has worked in home health, long-term care, acute hospitals, rehabilitation departments and outpatient clinics. In 1983, she started a private practice in Washington, D.C. and continues to work as a clinician.

Dr. Lewis received two Master’s degrees, Health Care Management and Gerontology, from the University of Southern California and a PhD in Health Education from the University of Maryland. She currently serves on the Medical Faculty at George Washington University as a full adjunct professor in the Department of Geriatrics.

A note from Dr. Carole Lewis:
We need to be the leaders that push these other areas forward so that 5-10 years from now people say, "Yes, this is one of the areas of fitness that needs to be looked at."

As this becomes more popular, it'll be common knowledge for people to inherently know that it's time to go to the therapist appointment for posture or strength. That's what I know MTS will be for you and your clients.



A unique opportunity to watch an expert complete assessments we are all familiar in a way that was very comprehensive. [It] illustrates how we can really impact our aging adults in a way the is unlike the current PT/OT typical framework. Innovative

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Earn up to 5 CE Credits - Included in the Price 

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From fall-risks to everyday physical fitness, The Moving Target Screen is the key to success with older clients. 
Learn the tool that everyone's talking about from the leading rehabilitation expert in geriatric care. 




An excellent resource for the therapist who wants to actually prevent problems instead of just rehabilitate them. 


This course should be taken by all physical therapists!


Valued at $369.99 

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Earn up to 5 CE Credits - Included in the Price 

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