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How do I get my CE certificate? Is there an additional fee?

For live webcasts and digital seminars, your payment for the program includes one free CE test.  To complete the test, please log into your distance-learning account on and click the orange “Certificate” button under the program’s title.  Tests are available to additional participants for an additional fee, and this fee varies by program.  For live webcasts, the post-test must be completed within one week of viewing the program.  There is no deadline to complete the post-test for digital seminars.  However, please check the CE credits for your profession regarding CE expiration dates. 


For online courses, your payment for the online course includes the post-test(s) for the program.  The course and post-test(s) may be accessed by signing into your distance-learning account on, and all tests must be completed within one year of your purchase date.  After you successfully complete the post-test online, you will able to download or email your Certificate of Successful Completion immediately.  We’re sorry, but post-tests may not be purchased for additional participants.


Please note that for some professions, CE credits do have expiration dates.  This means that if your licensing board has a credit expiration date, you will need to complete the program before the credit expiration date. Please read the credit information for the program and/or check with your board to determine if a CE expiration date applies for your profession.

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