Achieving Desired Outcomes in Grief & Bereavement Counseling
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Achieving Desired Outcomes in Grief & Bereavement Counseling

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Linda Blackburn
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Dec 30, 2015
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Digital Seminar
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Appropriate Clinical Responses to Grief & Bereavement Reactions Are Crucial
It is estimated that approximately 10-15% of those experiencing grief and bereavement reactions actually are identified to have severe reactions to the loss. Appropriate responses to those experiencing symptomatology due to a loss, whether it is defined as a more typical grief reaction or something more severe, are essential to achieving satisfactory outcomes for the clients.

This webinar's purpose is to assist clinicians in identifying a grief reaction and developing appropriate treatment strategies. The speaker grounds the entire presentation in the latest research and diagnostic criteria found in the DSM-5®. Items covered include the distinctions between bereavement and complicated grief, the predictors for positive outcomes of bereavement counseling, and action steps to implement in helping clients achieve ongoing recovery from their losses.

DSM®, DSM-IV-TR®, and DSM-5® are registered trademarks of the American Psychiatric Association. The American Psychiatric Association is not affiliated with nor endorses this seminar.




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LINDA BLACKBURN, MSW, LCSW, has over 25 years of experience in psychotherapy and is currently in private practice where she provides grief counseling when indicated. She recently retired after serving for 16 years as the Director of the Hertford County (North Carolina) Office of Aging, where she started the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program, which was one of the first of its kind. Due to the many different losses encountered by her clientele, she conducted numerous grief and bereavement presentations. Ms. Blackburn has served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Social Work at Shaw University in Raleigh. A former Registered Nurse who worked primarily in geriatric mental health care, Ms. Blackburn has spent years conducting full-day Cross Country Education seminars around the country on grief counseling.


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