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Manual Therapy for Low Back Pain: Hands-on Treatment for Lumbar, Sacroiliac, & Pelvic Dysfunctions

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An Integrated Approach to Manage the Lumbar Spine & Sacroiliac Joints

Low back pain is one of the most prevalent and costly ailments seen in a variety of healthcare settings. Diagnosing and treating low back pain can be challenging and frustrating. Due to the complex nature of the lumbosacral region, finding the root cause of lower back pain is often difficult.

This live webcast simplifies evaluation and treatment for the most common lumbar and sacroiliac joint dysfunctions from a manual therapy perspective. Discover a streamlined approach for care of the lower back that is applicable to both acute and chronic conditions. Manual techniques covered in this course include muscle energy, mobilization, articulation, and manipulations. A brief overview of Pilates-based stabilization exercises will also be covered to ensure long-term effectiveness of the manual corrections. Attendees will be able to immediately utilize these techniques to improve their clinical efficiency.


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Ted German, PT, DPT, CIMT, CPRS, has over 15 years of experience in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. He currently works at Group Health Cooperative in Madison, WI as a spine specialist, and part-time in the Urgent Care Physical Therapy department treating acute injuries of all types. Dr. German’s education includes a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from St. Catherine University, Minneapolis, MN; a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from Concordia University, St. Paul, MN; and an Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapy from Lourdes College, Sylvania, OH. He is a Certified Integrated Manual Therapist, a Certified Pilates Rehabilitation Specialist, and a member of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Orthopedic Section. Dr. German’s teaching experiences include guest lectures on “Pilates for Rehabilitation” for St. Catherine University’s Orthopedics Department and “Risk Factors for Patellofemoral Pain Among Females” at the APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting. 

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Financial – Receives a speaking honorarium from Vyne Education.
Nonfinancial – No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.

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Program Information

Access Period for Live Webcast

For live CE credit, you must watch the live webcast in its entirety at its scheduled time. You will have access for 90 days after the program for review. 

Webcast Schedule

Please note: There will be a lunch and two 15-minute breaks; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Lunch and break times will be announced by the speaker and at their discretion.


  1. Analyze basic anatomy and the pathomechanics of low back pain
  2. Identify the principles of manual therapy for the lower back and SI joints
  3. Demonstrate proper manual therapy techniques for a lower back patient
  4. Review the most common low back dysfunctions
  5. Discuss the appropriate application of “progression of forces” concept
  6. Integrate stabilization exercises for maintenance of manual corrections



  • Goals of the first visit
  • Empathy vs sympathy
  • Establishing consistency
  • Avoiding clinical blindness
  • Who should be referred to therapy
  • Red flags
  • Keys to subjective and objective evaluations


  • Predisposing factors
  • Bony Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine
  • Soft tissue anatomy of the Lumbar Spine
    • Ligamentous support
    • Muscular support
    • Intervertebral disc
  • Biomechanics of the Lumbar Spine
  • Common Diagnoses
    • Degenerative Joint Disease
    • Spondylosis
    • Spondylolysis
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Disc protrusion
    • Herniated Nucleus Pulposis


  • The key to subjective history
  • Posture assessment
    • Sitting, Standing, dynamic, lordosis, lateral shift 
  • Movement loss
    • How much
    • Quality of the movement
    • Willingness to move
    • Lateral deviation
  • Repeated Movements
    • What happens during movement
    • What happens because of the movement
  • Static tests
  • Neurological
    • Motor/sensory deficit
    • Reflexes
    • Dural signs
  • Other considerations
    • Hip/SI joint clearing tests
    • Spondylolisthesis
    • Intermittent claudication tests


  • Treatment of the acute patient
    • Modalities
    • Mid-range movement techniques
  • Sub-acute/chronic patient
    • Postural syndrome
    • Dysfunction syndrome
    • Adherent Nerve Root
    • Derangement
  • Treatment
    • Reduction
    • Maintain
    • Recovery of function
    • Prevention
  • Manual Therapy techniques
    • Prone extension with manual overpressure
    • Prone Lumbar extension mobilization
    • Flexion Rotation mobilization

Target Audience

  • Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapist Assistants
  • Massage Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Athletic Trainers



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