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David Lemke

NMT, sEMG Tech

Five years after a severe back injury in 1980, DAVID LEMKE, NMT, sEMG Tech, began his apprenticeship as a massage therapist in Canada. After 10 years of successfully treating thousands of pain sufferers, he had a breakthrough when information from a kinesiological surface electromyography (sEMG) evaluation led him to discover that single manipulation freed a borderline frozen shoulder and eliminated nearly all the pain – and the results lasted. Mr. Lemke eventually developed a unique model of functional assessment using sEMG.

Since the 1990′s, his treatment has been relied on by top performing athletes, dancers and martial artists, those recovering from orthopedic surgeries, and generally stressed individuals. As a passionate interest, Mr. Lemke has enjoyed working with select special education teachers treating motor coordination problems in children diagnosed with learning disabilities. He is a Certified Dartfish Video Coach and uses slow motion video analysis of biomechanics in athletics and rehabilitation. He has used kinesiological sEMG (computer aided muscle analysis) in testing of exercise equipment, devices, and new treatment procedures as well as trained hundreds of specialized massage therapists for physical therapy and complementary healthcare clinics. Mr. Lemke was the primary consultant to Champions Sports Medicine (Dr. P.Z. Pearce, Ironman Medical Director, Spokane, WA ) in the creation of their Biomechanics lab.

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