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David Myers


David Myers is currently VP of Operations for BenchMark Physical Therapy. David holds a teaching degree from Cedarville University, a Masters degree for Exercise Physiology/Cardiac Rehabilitation from the University of South Carolina and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Slippery Rock University. He is board certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist by the American Physical Therapy Association, certified as an Integrated Manual Therapist through Great Lakes Seminars and a licensed Athletic Trainer.

He has published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine and Journal of Clinical Electrophysiology while presenting research and presentations at the national level. David has experience as Head Athletic Trainer at the High school, college and professional levels as well as well as having both national and international experience with USA Olympic teams. He is a national instructor with Great Lakes Seminars on manual therapy for LBP. He has served on the national committee Federation of State Boards for Physical Therapy.

David’s Experience includes working over 25 years in the area of treating LBP and sports related injuries. He has been a mentor for orthopedic residents, physical therapists for clinical development as well as therapists who want to achieve a leadership role in the field. He has owned several businesses in the healthcare field. He has been featured in the Healthbeat magazine by the University of South Carolina and an invited speaker to students and community.