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Deanna Lesmeister, PT, DPT, CWT, STS, CPI, CYI

DEANNA LESMEISTER, PT, DPT, CWT, STS, CPI, CYI, has been a practicing licensed physical therapist and clinical educator for the past 25 years. Dr. Lesmeister holds numerous national certifications in Pilates, strength training, and yoga, including being a certified Pilates instructor and a national presenter in the areas of Pilates and Physical Therapy. She is also the owner of D’Pilates Yoga and Physical Therapy in Plano, Texas, which she founded in 2005. In conjunction with her practice, she also presides as the President of D’Pilates Physical Therapy and Education, a continuing education business providing certifications to physical and occupational therapists and various other healthcare professionals. With a Doctorate in physical therapy from Boston University and a Masters in Gerontology from Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, Dr. Lesmeister is a senior geriatric clinician and senior strength training specialist. She integrates her extensive knowledge of the relationship between body and mind with their effects on the complete health and mobility picture throughout the aging process. Dr. Lesmeister is an accomplished speaker who has developed and taught Pilates and yoga courses on a local and national scale.