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Douglas H. Ruben, PhD,

DOUGLAS H. RUBEN, PhD, is a psychologist and national consultant on family therapy, addictions, and media psychology. His seminars on marriages, families, and how to generate publicity for mental health clinicians cover the entire Midwest. He has appeared in two national infomercials (one produced by Guthy-Renker). Dr. Ruben is author and co-author of over 40 books and over 100 professional articles. Among his recent books are: Forever Sober; Oversexed and Underloved; No more Guilt: 10 Steps to a Shame-Free Life; Bratbusters: Say Goodbye to Tantrums and Disobedience; Avoidance Syndrome: Doing Things Out of Fear; Family Recovery Companion; 60 Seconds to Success; One Minute Secrets to Feeling Great. He wrote the blueprint for other authors with Your Public Image: TV, Radio and Print Media in Clinical Practice and Writing for Money in Mental Health. Dr. Ruben also spearheaded treatment interventions with his books: Treating Adult Children of Alcoholics; Assessing and Treating Addictive Disorders; Handbook of Childhood Impulse Disorders and ADHD; New Ideas in Therapy; Current Advances in Psychiatric Care; Transitions: Handbook of Managed Care; Family Addiction; and Aging and Drug Abuse. He co-edited four books with Dr. Macciommei including: Readings in Aphasia; Readings in Muscular Dystrophy; Readings in Cerebral Palsy; Homebound Teaching; and Behavioral Management in Public School: An Urban Approach. He is on the editorial board of The Forensic Examiner and frequent reviewer for Journal of Experimental and Behavior Therapy. He is president of Best Impressions International, Inc., and operates the ACOA Behavior Research Center.

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