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Douglas Yarboro, DPT, MPT, MBA, CWS, ICLM,

DOUGLAS YARBORO, DPT, MPT, MBA, CWS, ICLM, is a Licensed Physical Therapist and is a Certified Wound Specialist. He currently instructs doctorate physical therapy students at Winston-Salem State University. Dr. Yarboro is Director of Wound Care Services for United Rehab Specialist, LLC. He is also the Director of the Wound Care Center and Lymphedema Clinic of Northern Hospital of Surry County.

Dr. Yarboro is a graduate of Elon University with both a master's and doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. He received an International Certification in Lymphedema Management in 2007. He specializes in wound care and published an original research study in 2013 in Advances in Skin & Wound Care.