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Jay Carter

PsyD, FPPR (Cand.), DABPS

JAY CARTER, PsyD, FPPR (Cand.), DABPS, is a licensed clinical psychologist, a Diplomate Candidate in Psychopharmacology (FPPR cand.), and certified in Psychoactive Substance Abuse Disorders by the American Psychological Association Board of Governors. Dr. Carter has over 20 years of experience working with clientele that include high-risk children, prisoners, and substance abusers. He has testified in local, state, and federal court. Dr. Carter draws his insight from both professional and personal experience. Growing up with a mother who had bipolar disorder equipped Dr. Carter with a wealth of unique insight that has helped him to better understand executive functions and diversity of treatment for others dealing with dysfunction. To find information about Dr. Carter’s seminars, books, DVDs, and more, visit