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Joy Samuels, DMin, LPC-MHSP, NCC

Join Dr. Joy Samuels, DMin, LPC-MHSP, NCC, and Fellow in Thanatology, for this intensive and practical two-day conference that will further prepare you to intervene with clients who are experiencing loss in its many forms.  On day one, Dr. Samuels will utilize specific case studies to bring grief, loss, and mourning theory to the practical level of daily practice. She will specifically look at the intersection of personality, temperament, and grief responses from an individual and family systems perspective. At the end of day one’s instruction, you are invited to stay for a unique opportunity to network with other professionals who serve clients experiencing grief. Dr. Samuels, will lead participants in a discussion of assessments and interventions that they have found clinically effective (and ineffective) in the treatment of grief and loss reactions.

On day two, grief reactions are addressed, and practical assessment and intervention strategies are identified to assist the person who is grieving cope with the loss. What constitutes ‘persistent complex bereavement disorder’ will be reviewed, as well as cultural responses and rituals in regard to the grieving process. Participants will increase their own self-awareness as to their loss experiences and grieving mechanisms and will further define the boundaries of their professional roles. Participants will leave with specific client- and family-centered interventions that can be used in practice.