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Kirsten Delambo, PhD,

KIRSTEN DeLAMBO, PhD, is a licensed psychologist at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. She also serves in the Ohio National Guard as a behavioral health officer. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Dr. DeLambo's specialty is traumatic stress, which includes criminal victimization, childhood physical and sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, war trauma, motor vehicle accidents, and severe medical conditions. She completed a two-year fellowship at the Kent State University–Summa Health System Center for the Treatment and Study of Traumatic Stress where she was involved with clinical work, research, and supervising students. She served as a therapist and supervisor on a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) study investigating the efficacy of Prolonged Exposure Therapy at reducing PTSD symptoms in people living with HIV. Currently, Dr. DeLambo provides psychotherapy, assessment, and outreach for the college mental health population, with a specialty in traumatic stress as well as providing assessment, consultation, and support for the military population within the National Guard.