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Michelle Green, PT, DPT, c-NDT, NCS,

Michelle Green, PT, DPT, c-NDT, NCS is a licensed physical therapist who has worked with neurologically involved patients within in-patient rehab settings for nearly 20 years. She received her Master's in PT form Ithaca College and her DPT from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has an extensive background in application of NDT to contemporary practice and focuses her coursework on treatment development following the framework of the ICF Model. Using her extensive knowledge and experience working in rehab and physical fitness, she has been a sought-after lecturer, presenting seminars on topics such as Stroke Rehab, Pusher Syndrome, Geriatric Strength Training, Developing Functional Core Stability, and Pilates and Yoga for Rehab Professionals. These courses attract the attention of both physical and occupational therapists alike, as Ms. Green couples evidence-based treatment models with a dynamic, engaging style to rejuvenate and inspire rehab professionals in their respective fields.