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Olivia Wann, RDA, JD

Olivia Wann, RDA, JD, joined the dental profession in 1985, working as an office manager and a dental assistant; and she presently runs a successful law practice and a compliance company, Modern Practice Solutions, LLC. that specializes in the dental industry. A dental speaker since 1999, she has presented compliance programs to dental practices, dental schools, and universities in all 50 states, and has spoken extensively on the topics of HIPAA compliance, OSHA compliance, Infection Control, policies development, and collections. She was one of the contributing authors and experts for the ADA’s publication, Management the Regulatory Environment: Best Practices, and has written articles for leading dental journals such as Dental Economics. In addition, she has served on the regulatory compliance panel for the American Dental Association as a consultant.


Ms. Wann graduated from the Nashville School of Law with a Doctorate in Jurisprudence, and magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Management from St. Joseph’s College.