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Rob Koch, BS, OTR/L,

ROB KOCH, BS, OTR/L, has been in clinical occupational therapy practice for more than 30 years, working with people of all ages with a diverse range of diagnoses. He spent the first 11 years of his career in Utah working in developmental disabilities. There, he specialized in adapting activities and learning environments for people who have severe multiple handicaps, as well as creating several published software programs that provide better opportunities to actively participate in learning.

For 22 years, Mr. Koch worked in inpatient and outpatient neurological rehabilitation in North Carolina where his occupational therapy practice included extensive emphasis on promoting the skilled use of functional therapy activities to optimize the independence of patients with CVA, ABI, and SCI. This focus resulted in the creation of Functional Therapy Activities, a CD-ROM for use in adult neurological rehabilitation. He currently practices in a skilled nursing facility working with persons in rehab and long-term care with a variety of cognitive deficits.

Over the last decade, Mr. Koch has been developing a functional approach to improving the lives of patients with cognitive deficits due to brain injury and stroke. This approach – utilizing a sequence of functional, "real-life" activities to promote independence – is presented in detail in this seminar.

Financial- Functional Therapy Activities CD and website, and receives a speaking honorarium from Vyne, LLC.
Nonfinanical- No relevant nonfinancial relationship exists.