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Steven Polovick, MS, LSW,

STEVEN POLOVICK, MS, LSW, is a former investigator with the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist Board, where he received specialized certification as a Regulatory Investigator/Inspector. Mr. Polovick is an Ohio Licensed Social Worker, with more than 15 years of experience working with diverse populations in a variety of capacities, including schools, not-for-profits, child welfare and clinical settings.

With a BA in Social Work from Ohio Dominican College and a MS in Human Services Management from Franklin University, Mr. Polovick is also a trained mediator and a former Marine, making almost every problem solvable. Currently, Mr. Polovick works as a consultant with the Ohio Department of Education. Mr. Polovick combines his investigative experience with his own knowledge and personal history struggling with the demands and pressures of practicing general social work in a very complex world. Mr. Polovick can relate to the struggle of managed care-induced productivity standards, immeasurable piles of paperwork, aerosol-huffing clients and teaching sex education to inner-city youth. Mr. Polovick frequently uses humor to dilute the traumas and situations associated with the helping professions, making most issues more palatable for training.