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Theresa A. Schmidt, DPT, MS, OCS, LMT, CEAS, CHy, DD,

THERESA A. SCHMIDT, DPT, MS, OCS, LMT, CEAS, CHy, DD, is the founder of Educise Resources, Inc., a professional continuing education and health enhancement company. Dr. Schmidt is the president of Flex Physical Therapy in Long Island, New York. She is Board-certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy by ABPTS since 1994. Dr. Schmidt graduated Long Island University's Masters Program in Physical Therapy with Highest Honors. She served as Chair of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program and faculty of the Masters Program at Touro College Physical Therapy Programs in New York, New York; at Nassau Community College; and CUNY Queens College. She completed extensive studies in Orthopedic manual therapies including MFR, Craniosacral Therapy, Muscle Energy, Counterstrain, Joint Mobilization, high velocity thrust, visceral manipulation, acupressure Amma therapy, and therapeutic touch.

Dr. Schmidt received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at University of New England and has been board-certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy by ABPTS since 1994. She has presented in over 200 cities across the US for NYAPTA, AMTA/NY, AOTA/IA, IDEA, ACE, New York College for Wholistic Health Education and Research, Council of Licensed Physiotherapists, Vyne, LLC, and private hospitals and clinics. Her website is