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What are the differences between live webcasts and digital seminars?

For live webcasts and digital seminars, tests are available to additional participants for an additional fee.  Additional participants will not be able to access the program through their own accounts; they will need to watch the program with the main registrant. 


Live Webcasts: The video webcast is a seminar with audio and video live-streamed directly to your computer. Since this is a broadcast, you attend on a specific date and time. You will be able to type questions to the speaker.  The speaker will see the questions and will be able to address them. The live webcast format is a great option for those who wish they could attend the live event but cannot be away from the office or for those who simply prefer to gain their CE from the comfort of their home/office rather than travel. The live webcast format will either offer live CE credit (interactive) or self-study credit (home-study/independent), depending on the requirements of your licensing board.  Please check each program for the type of CE offered. Tests are available to additional participants for an additional fee. For live webcasts, the post-test must be completed within one week of viewing the programs.


Digital Seminars: Digital seminars allow you to either stream the content across the internet or download directly to your computer or other digital device to watch at your convenience. You may stop, start, and rewind the program as needed.  Whether you stream or download the seminar, the content will be available to you for as long as you like. Digital Seminars offer Self-Study Credits (Home-Study/ Independent).

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